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Shorts and Trousers
We have a range of shorts and trousers in styles and colours suited to your primary and secondary uniform requirements.
Pinafores and Skirts
Winter tunics with independently sewn bibs for easy detachment to become skirt or for adjustments. Made in your schools colour, pattern and fabric of choice.
We supply polos for primary and secondary school, with multiple fabric options and customisable features.
Summer Dress
Surrey Clothing supplies summer dress in a range of styles and fabrics. We can match your design or work with you to achieve a new fresh look.
Sports Uniform
We supply a wide range of sports gear including sublimated sports tops, sports shorts, tracksuits, jackets, house accessories and more. Sublimated sports tops can be made in any design and with your school logo from Breezeway Polyester material that provides sun protection and antibacterial treatment.
Prep T-Shirts
Prep T-Shirts for your new class of students to welcome them into the school community and get kids excited to start prep or foundation. We can personalise one of our prep t-shirt design templates for you school or you can design you own.
Grade 6 & Year 12 Commemorative Garments
We have a range of templates you can chose from for back artwork and our design team can work with you to bring an idea to life - or you can create your own artwork design, a great way to get the kids involved is to have them create the back artwork and we can work with that.
Lab Coats
Personalise design lab coats for you school. Get kids involved in the classroom and make them feel like scientists. Your school logo on the front and “Scientist” on the back or personalise it how you like.
Staff Uniform
We have a comprehensive range of garments to suit the requirements for your staff.