What does a Partnership with Surrey Clothing provide?

Surrey Clothing have been designing & supplying schools with their uniforms for over 50 years. During this time we have built our business on understanding what schools want, and don’t want, from their uniforms and uniform supplier.

We have found that we offer greatest value to a school when we are able to form a strong and lasting partnership. Surrey Clothing believes in working closely with the Principal and the respective Parents Association when implementing our Uniform Supply Solution.

Regular meetings with the school stakeholders who are involved in the uniform design & selection process are integral to Surrey Clothing developing a uniform that is consistent, at all levels, with the schools vision, brand and image.

The Surrey Clothing Uniform Supply Solution offers partner schools value in many areas but these areas may be classified into three (3) broad segments (in no particular order):

Uniform Design & Selection:

  • Uniform policy review and design (if required);
  • Open day displays. This includes, but is not limited to, the provision of mannequins, banners & uniform layouts. We have found that this format significantly assists the school communicate its vision to its community.

Customer Service:

  • An ‘online’ shop operated by Surrey Clothing. The shop offers an easy 24/7 ordering system for parents and off-site fitting rooms;
  • Customer uniform fitting and exchange support on a 9-5pm basis from our Box Hill outlet;
  • Customer uniform fitting: ‘Prep’ and Year 7 orientation fittings;
  • Easy exchange policy for incorrect sizing;
  • Uniform care instructions and laundering advice;
  • Alteration services: Surrey Clothing can fit everyone at your school. Special orders are available for special needs including tall, short, wide and allergies;
  • No uniform stock holding for the school. Surrey Clothing purchase the existing stock from the school at cost;

Direct school outsourcing benefits :

  • Increased focus on key school activities: outsourcing the uniform design & supply activity reduces school administration time, parent and student ‘traffic’ around the school office. Volunteer time that has been absorbed by the school uniform outlet can be deployed elsewhere within the school eg. Fete organisation;
  • Brand support: Grade 6 & 12 commemorative garments together with staff branding & image wear;
  • Branding & Supply Agreement (typically 3 or 10years): this is optional but an increasing outcome of the Surrey Clothing Uniform Supply Solution process.

Surrey Clothing Mobile Pop-Up Shop:

We bring our van complete with all approved uniform requirements & generic school stock, with eftpos, fitting room and a trained staff member.

The Surrey Clothing van provides parents with a convenient option to purchase school uniform and view our size range.The mobile shop is offered in conjunction with our 24/7 online shop and Box Hill outlet.

Uniform management enquiry

If you are interested in our uniform management services, please call us on 03) 9890 3487 or use the form below:

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