General care for school uniforms

Points to remember for successful stain removal:

  • Always follow washing instructions
  • Air dry items to be sure stain has been removed as machine drying makes the stain difficult to remove
  • Wash away all traces of cleaning solvent before placing in washing machine or dryer
  • Do not mix or combine stain removers
  • Prevention is the best care of all.

When in doubt, call your Surrey Clothing representative for advice if a problem occurs.

Quality is critical in determining a school uniform’s life. So are care and proper fitting. To keep your uniforms at their best, follow these tips:

Ask your dry cleaner to test clean one item first. We recommend that the uniforms be cleaned in a solvent containing no more than two percent water. Each uniform should be dry cleaned at least two times per season, preferable three or four. Always dry clean uniforms before summer storage.

Should your garments become wet, do not have them cleaned immediately. Instead, hang them on wooden or plastic hangers or drape them over wooden chairs, make sure they are separated from each other in a well-ventilated area for at least 48 hours, until perfectly dry. If wet garments are left touching each other, a chemical reaction could occur, loosening the dye and causing color migration. Wet uniforms could also experience contraction and puckering. To avoid water damage, plan to wear rain gear when appropriate. We recommend that a japara or raincoat be a part of your initial uniform purchase.

If your uniform trousers become muddy, do not dry clean them immediately. First, let the mud dry completely, then brush it off. If wet mud is rubbed into the pores of the fabric, it could leave a permanent stain. During a season, it is best to store the uniforms in a fully-vented area with circulating air.

Stubborn stains. Whatever the stain is, treat it quickly, think about your investment, spend a little extra time and effort to remove the spot some stains may need this procedure to be repeated.

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