1941 -Kayes Manufacturing started by Dan and Ralph Cainer

1949 -Cainer Bros Bought the business and renamed Cainer Bros.

1960 -Geoff Classon started at Myer as a tailor

1964 -Geoff worked at Stafford Ellinson

1965 -Geoff Classon commenced as a tailor at Cainer Bros at Union Road.

1966 -Predominately mens trousers jodhpurs and army uniform manufactured

1968 -Geoff became partner in the business with Ralph Cainer after Dan Cainer passed away. Commenced Subcontract CMT (cut, make & trim) work for Cushen Clothing producing tramways uniforms

1968 -Surrey Clothing Registered

1981 -Jenny Pirrotta commenced work as factory assistant & office assistant

1981 -work commenced for Adidas Tennis shorts and WWC cricket trousers

1982 -School uniforms first manufactured for Dobson

1988 -Michael Classon joined the cutting Team

1992 -Michael Roberts School uniform labels was started

1995 -Michael Roberts label was changed to Surrey Clothing

2000 -Surrey Retail opened. Police trousers , Ambulance trousers Stylecorp corporate

2005 -First of the production was moved to Fiji

2008 -One of first manufacturers accredited under No Sweat Label

2011 -Scoresby Building was purchased and production commenced in Scoresby .the first garment produced in Scoresby was style 301 elastic back school trousers for Yarra Valley grammar.

2014 -Complete business review .New offices built

2015 -New website launch.

2016 -Surrey Clothing launched our first Uniform pop up shop at St Lukes Primary.